Book Review: Family Worship in the Bible, in History & in Your Home

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This was a great little book. I think it was one that was recommended from the Family Driven Faith book by Voddie Baucham. This is a tinsy little book which is a nice change to the longer books I’ve been reading lately. It is a great starting point for some further conviction and ideas on what family worship looks like. This is still not something we have implemented personally but we are getting there. We do a little routine every night of reading right now Leading Your Little Ones to God and singing the song and praying the prayer they have at the end of each section and the kiddos love this. It is so cute to hear Joshie say “Jesus… read… book” and bring it to us and he’s getting down the words to “Alive, Alive, Alive forevermore… my Jesus is alive, alive forevermore… sing hallelujah”. This has been a bedtime song we’ve sung since all the kiddos were born and he’s so cute singing it… “lulah seeen lulah” : ) Makes my heart flutter! Also, prior to reading this devotional with the kiddos we finished Big Truths for Little Kids which has the catechism questions before each chapter. We worked on that for 6 months before finishing the book and it is amazing how many of the catechism questions Amelia remembers and will apply every day. We really only memorized about 15 of them and after we finish this book we will re-read that one as I really liked each section of that book. However I do want to implement some time of worship time with the kiddos and me playing the piano or something just because that seems really neat : )

Bringing children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is not accomplished unintentionally and incidentally. Yes, it should and will happen throughout the day at unplanned, serendipitous occasions, but it should also happen purposefully. p. 19

“And now I appeal to Reason, Conscience, and Experience whether this employment [of family worship] be not more suitable to the principles, ends and hopes of a Christian, than idleness, or vain talk, or cards, or dice, or dancing, or ale-house haunting, or worldly business or discourse?” Richard Baxter (1615-1691). p. 27

“I regard the neglect of family worship as springing from lukewarmness and worldliness in religion.” J.W. Alexander (1804-1859). p.31

Read, pray, sing

Catechize, memorize scripture, read other books

Brevity, regularity, flexibility


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