Prayer for a Child

Before Five in a Row

Prayer for a Child by, Rachel Field

Bible Time:


This was a very sweet book. Amelia has been practicing praying before meals and at bedtime and has really taken an understanding to the concept of prayer so this book came at the perfect time to see what a little girl prays for : ) I got these printables from Homeschool Share and Homeschool Creations.


Our schedule for the week


Amelia’s book report


Line tracing


Rhyming word match


Circling the first letter of the word


She traced her hands then stapled them together to make a book and wrote on the fingers the names of the people she is praying for


This was a neat activity to stress the importance of this aspect of prayer… thanking God for our blessings


We continued with our Read!Build!Write! words for this book which Amelia is doing so great at!

We also did a Compassion notebook where we 3 hole punched all the letters and updates from our Compassion child and we learned a little bit about Ecuador where our child is from. We looked it up on the map and read in our atlas about Ecuador. This was all prompted from this blog.

Read Alouds:


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