Angus Lost



Before Five in a Row

Angus Lost by, Marjorie Flack

Bible Time:

  • We gave up on Romans 8:38-39 : ) No not actually giving up but just taking a break… it is such a long section to memorize and we will go back to it later. So we started Psalm 34:10 from Seeds Family Worship with our mini-book, copywork pages and coloring pages from Bible Story Printables

“The lions may grow weak and hungry

but those who seek the Lord

lack no good thing.”

Psalm 34:10


We loved this book! I think I say that every week but this was such a fun and cute book and Amelia loved all the read alongs and learning about dairy farms. I got my printouts from Homeschool Creations and Homeschool Share and we did the Read!Build!Write! cards for this book.


Amelia’s book report


Similar ending words


Rhyming words


A great bible verse to talk about with the kiddos when they are afraid of something… the dark, monsters, etc.


I have given up on a formal math program (Saxon or Math U See) for this period of our preschool time and am just going back to all the resources I found online for free printables and ideas. These mesh better for me and Amelia and therefore we actually do it and enjoy it! So we’re shooting for addition, # review, ordinal #’s, money and time worksheets throughout the week.


A # review worksheet


An addition worksheet


Amelia has been loving doing mazes!


Line tracing


She also loves doing these circle which one is different sheets


These were cute little books to make talking about what a dog needs to be taken care of as well as some different breeds of dogs


Read Alongs:





3 thoughts on “Angus Lost

    • It’s funny because I was just thinking about posting a review of the book. It was just ok. It teaches good things but to be honest it’s kind of boring and hard to work with : ) It’s very old fashioned so it’s just a 1 page little story that uses some big and old fashioned words that are hard for Amelia to understand. I actually wish that I didn’t spend the time to finish it but instead had moved on to what I’m using now as I like this so much better… We Choose Virtues and Kids of Integrity. They present character traits in such a fun way and Amelia is already learning so much more in such a short time! So take it for what it’s worth but it seems like the character book is just a book to read through on the side but not necessarily something to really teach off of… at least in my experience : )

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