The Mitten



Before Five in a Row

The Mitten by, Jan Bret

Bible Time:

  • We kept working on our second week of Psalm 34:10 from Seeds Family Worship with our paperwork from Bible Story Printables
  • I am so excited to be starting our next character study. Awhile back I got some free stuff from We Choose Virtues and thought it looked like such a cute way to study about character. So we began this week studying about Gentleness. I wasn’t sure where to begin but thought I’d sift through the character traits and pick one of the ones we needed a little more work on : ) We had a blast doing the coloring page and singing the song to learn about what the character trait means
  • We worked on our calendar notebook from Homeschool Creations


This was a cute cute book. It’s actually not a BFIAR book but Homeschool Creations and Homeschool Share both had printable packs so I was able to do our school week exactly like a BFIAR book and it was a great end of winter book to add in.

DSC00730Amelia’s book report


This was a neat activity to learn about who hibernates and who migrates. The read alouds I found at the library worked perfectly for some extra learning about this area. We also had fun learning a little bit about Ukraine. We added a picture with a mitten on it to where Ukraine is on our map


This was a fun maze!


Another cute activity of learning some of the characteristics of the animals in the book and again our read aloud went along great with this!


Which one is different


line tracing



We also made Baked Chicken Kiev at the end of the week of this study. I didn’t even connect the this dish was a traditional Ukrainian dish as I have made this a lot before and it is super delicious and easy!


Read Alouds:


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