We are first time homeschoolers and enjoying the process and the ups and downs of it! Overall we know this is where the Lord wants us and we see great blessings coming from it! We have so far ventured through an ABC Themed Preschool, a year of BFIAR, two years of Little Hearts, one year of Beyond Little Hearts combined with FIAR and heading into another year of Bigger Hearts combine with Little Hearts. Check below for links of any of these years of preschool and be sure to hover over the Homeschool tab to look at some more specific posts including some holiday posts, ABC theme specific posts and read aloud book lists. Enjoy and happy homeschooling!!

My Favorite Free Websites for Homeschool

Preschool Year One: Theme, Schedule, Organization and Pictures

ABC Theme Weekly Paper Organization

Updated Preschool Schedule

Preschool Year Two: Organization and Pictures

For any of the Heart of Dakota (Little Hearts, Beyond Little Hearts and Bigger Hearts) blog posts just hover over the Homeschool tab and click on the Heart of Dakota drop down.

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