Before Five in a Row (BFIAR)

After trying to put together another “curriculum” for our second year of preschool I found we were just getting stuck. I needed a little more specific direction which is why the ABC theme worked great for me for our first year. One animal, one letter, one number, one shape, one color each week… simple and directed. Now that she’s learned these basics i just wasn’t sure quite where to go next. So we tried out BFIAR at a friends house and LOVED it! When I saw the teacher’s manual is only $30 and our library has all but 2 of the 24 books I decided this was our direction for year two! I’m super excited and I know the kiddos are too. Which is another great thing about BFIAR, my daughter at 4 and my son at 2 will be doing it together : ) Of course my son just enjoys reading the book and some of the crafts (coloring, painting, etc.) it is still great to include him since he’s so eager to join! I plan to post here a wrap up of our week for each book we cover just like I did for the ABC theme. I hope this is helpful!

Preschool Year Two: Organization and Pictures – I wrote this and planned all of this when I was trying to organize and plan a curriculum from all the various free printables and websites so it is a little different than what we are actually doing but may be helpful for someone who is a little better at working with that kind of freedom. I plan to still use the file folder/weekly folder organization for BFIAR but to put the printables for the books into the folder crate and then separate it by each day into the weekly folder.

Goodnight Moon

The Big Green Pocketbook


Katy No Pocket

The Snowy Day

Caps for Sale

Prayer for a Child

Angus Lost

The Mitten

The Carrot Seed

Blueberries for Sal

My Blue Boat

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