Reading List 2014

It’s about that time of year again where I review my year’s list and determine I’ve been a failure! Not really : ) God always changes my reading lists based on whatever is going on during the year and whatever He may provide throughout the year. I got a lot of great reading done in 2013 and I’m so excited for another full list this upcoming year. There are a few books I would like to purchase and have a great interest in reading but that seems to happen frequently and I’ll end up buying a bunch of books on the cheap and they just sit unread on my shelf for various time reasons. So… my goal this year is to try to read the books that are on my shelf : ) Except for one special book in particular that I will purchase (on the cheap and used of course). But the Lord has really blessed my personal library over the past few years and it’s time I be a good steward of the purchases I’ve already purchased. I have also recently been convicted of the type of fiction that has come across my path. Ever since reading the Chronicles of Kings series and having my love for God’s Word spiked to a new level because of these fiction books I have developed a desire and conviction to read fiction that glorifies God and challenges my walk. Now that does not mean I will never again read a non-Christian fiction book but I will be a lot more selective on which ones I do read as I am trying to really guard my mind and what goes in it… it is way more than just visual. So here goes: Fiction:

  • Hinds’ Feet on High Places – Hannah Hurnard
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan
  • The Mark of the Lion Series – Francine Rivers – I have heard so much about this series but once I got into the first book I was actually disappointed. Maybe Lynn Austin’s Chronicle of Kings set such a high standard for me for Historical Christian Fiction that I will have a hard time finding anything to compare in the future. I am trying to be very picky about which books I read and if they lead my mind towards any type of temptation (especially for fiction books) and aren’t helping strengthen and grow my character than I will drop it out of my lists and unfortunately I had to do it with this series. I also found it kind of slow and hard to get into. I didn’t find myself connecting with the characters like I had hoped and maybe it was just the time of history with gladiators and what not that I am not as interested in. Either way I have moved on.
    • A Voice in the Wind
    • An Echo in the Darkness
    • As Sure as the Dawn
  • Little Women – Louisa May Alcottt



Christian Discipleship:


Free Ebooks: (I got all of these ebooks for free from signing up for Free Homeschool Deals. When you sign up your e-mail you get a couple e-mails a week with tons of free links to various homeschool products and printables)

Bible Study:

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