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Z is for Zebra

ABC Theme Week 26: Z is for Zebra

The verse for the letter Z this week:

“Zacchaeus, make haste and come down,

for today I must stay at your house.”

Luke 19:5

Some Z letter and word searches

010 (18)

Cutting and pasting Z words

012 (15)

More and Fewer

011 (16)

Our library books

013 (12)

014 (10)

I am saddened and feeling guilty at the fact that we did not finish up Y and Z as strongly as I would’ve liked to. Granted this past year was the busiest one we’ve ever had with moving 3 times to various other peoples houses with over half our stuff in boxes as well as the pregnancy and birth of our third baby I was hoping to finish this last letter strongly. We pretty well had already begun moving into our year two of preschool and I was overly excited with our plans for that so this got kind of pushed to the background. Anyhoo… here is a link to a cute paper plate zebra craft that we did not do but is cute anyways!


Y is for Yak

ABC Theme Week 25: Y is for Yak

The verse for the letter Y this week:

“You are My friends if you do

whatever I command you.”

John 15:14

Uppercase vs lowercase recognitiong (with a little help from Josh for coloring!)

003 (25)

Letter and word searching

005 (25)

Recognizing words that start with the letter Y

006 (23)

# 10

007 (23)

Same word recognitions

008 (21)

Cute Yak craft found here

004 (23)

And our library books

009 (19)

X is for X-Ray Tetra Fish

ABC Theme Week 25: X is for X-Ray Tetra Fish

The verse for the letter X this week:

“Except ye be converted,

and become as little children,

ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:3

Uppercase vs. lowercase and letter recognition

007 (22)

008 (20)

010 (17)

004 (22)

Word search

005 (24)

Number 9

003 (23)

011 (15)

A couple of letter review worksheets

013 (11)

Matching same words
009 (18)More and fewer sheets

001 (23)

002 (21)

Since these letter is tricky to find an animal to match I had intended to do some stuff centered around the x-ray tetra fish. Well, I couldn’t find any library books and I didn’t take the time to search the internet for anything so we pretty much just bypassed the animal side of this week. We did try to do this rainbow coffee filter fish craft but it kind of turned out to be a dud… when we got the filter wet it didn’t blend like the ones in the pictures (maybe we had the wrong type of crayons?)

W is for Walrus

ABC Theme Week 24: W is for Walrus

The verse for the letter W this week:

“We love Him because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

Here is some letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

008 (19)

004 (21)

005 (23)

Working on some patterns and circling what picture is different

001 (22)

Some number review sheets… I was so proud of her for drawing the 2 and the 3 all by herself without me making dotted lines to trace!
003 (22)

This super cute rock walrus craft! We had a blast. We went for a walk with 2 bags (1 for Joshie and 1 for Amelia) and collected the rocks we needed from the dirt lot behind our house. Joshie was so cute because he would squat down, pick up a rock, put it in his bag, put his bag around his shoulder, grab his walking stick, then walk along until he saw another rock… it was so cute!)

007 (21)

Our library books

014 (9)

V is for Vulture

ABC Theme Week 23: V is for Vulture

The verse for the letter V this week:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you,

he that believeth on me hath everlasting life.”

John 6:47

We worked on uppercase vs lowercase and letter searching

006 (21)

Some more letter recognition

008 (18)

We’ve been doing some number review sheets

009 (17)

And color by # sheets… she did such a good job here!

005 (22)

Recognizing what’s different in the pictures although she stumbled a bit and ended up circling the things that were the same but she understood the concept

007 (20)

Patterns… she did great with these 3 patterns and enjoyed coloring them in herself to make a color pattern as well

004 (20)

Here are the books we checked out from the library. I will say one thing I learned about vultures that actually made them seem not so repulsive is the concept that because they eat dead and rotting things they are actually preventing the spread of disease… very interesting!

001 (21)

And we did this cute craft from here

002 (19)

And I wanted to add this cute picture here of a new addition to our room thanks yet again to the Dollar Tree. I wasn’t sure what to do with the extra cards that would make them easy to reach and not just be laying all over the place so I folded a cardstock paper to a little bit bigger size and made it into a pocket to place the extra cards and tacked it to the wall.

003 (21)

ABC Bible Verses Mini-Booklet




I had been wanting to find a way to quickly reference our ABC Bible Verses we have been memorizing for our ABC Themed Preschool Year. I wanted something we could quickly flip through and recite from the beginning up to where we were at without pulling the book and flipping through the pages. I thought about what I had on hand and made this little booklet that is so cute and I love! It took me about 20 mins. for all the typing, cutting and gluing. I took cardstock paper (blue, green, red and yellow) and I made our title page…

001 (20)

… I then typed up each verse and printed it out on white paper. I cut out the verse and glued it to the cardstock paper. Then I hole punched the corners and put it on one of those fastener key rings. It’s perfect!

003 (20)

I hung it up next to some of our other learning time things and I open it to the verse we’re memorizing that week so we can quickly look at it and recite.

002 (18)

U is for Umbrella Bird

ABC Theme Week 22: U is for Umbrella Bird

The verse for the letter U this week:

“Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks.”

Psalm 75:1

We worked on our uppercase and lowercase recognition


Some pattern sheets

004 (19)

005 (21)


Beginning Sounds

006 (20)

We did some number review sheets with cutting and glueing practice


We worked on matching pictures


And it was our first sort of official week in our new home which means our new schoolroom! The condo we’re renting had an amazing extra room just past the living room on the main level. This room is serving as our playroom/schoolroom/everything room… we spend all day every day here and 2 of the best parts… there is a bathroom/laundry room right off of it so we can accomplish a lot while the kiddos play around and the kitchen is right off of it as well so the kiddos can see me and vice versa while I cook dinner!


Here’s Joshie joining in on the learning time fun… sorting through some blocks!


I have cleaned the windows since this picture was taken because we have the most beautiful tree right outside… makes you feel like you’re inside the forest : )


And the craft for the letter U was just painting a picture of an umbrella bird which we were not quite set up to do painting yet so we will accomplish that later!

T is for Turtle

ABC Theme Week 21: T is for Turtle

Boy has it been a long time since I posted S is for Snake… 3 1/2 months! I guess that’s what happens when you have a baby and move to a different state! Anyways, our weeks for T and U were a little splotchy as Amelia kept asking over and over to do her learning time and I just didn’t have things organized for an official week of learning time so we just made do with what we had. So here are some pictures from this week.

The verse for the letter T this week:

“Thou shalt not steal.”

Exodus 20:15

We did our uppercase and lowercase recognition

001 (19)

She went a little crazy with her coloring on these sheets but beneath them she did indeed trace her letters : )

002 (17)

Some cutting and glueing practice

003 (19)

We did a ton of opposite sheets so for the sake of overkill I just posted this one

004 (18)

We did some number review sheets

005 (20)

006 (19)

007 (19)

We worked on some conceptual skills and here she did some go-together sheets

008 (17)

This is an alphabet review sheet where she matched from A-S in a connect the dot form… but afterwards she did some extra coloring   : )

009 (16)

And we did not have the preparations for this but I had originally picked out this Turtle craft and maybe we’ll get to it eventually : )

Update: We did get this craft done and it was so cute!
012 (13)

013 (10)

Our library books

010 (16)

011 (14)

S is for Snake

ABC Theme Week 20: S is for Snake

Circle Time: We read in The Children’s Illustrated Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham’s Two Sons, The Sacrifice of Isaac, Isaac and Rebekah, Esau and Jacob, Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob and Rachel, Jacob’s Wedding, Jacob’s Return, Joseph’s Dreams, Joseph the Slave and Pharaoh’s Dreams. We can’t get enough of this bible! The verse for the letter S this week:

“Seek the Lord

while He may be found.”

Isaiah 55:6

We worked on letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase. I have to point out that she cut out each of these pieces all by herself! I’ve been trying not to push the cutting skills as she gets really frustrated with it but she asked to do these ones today and look how good she did!!


We did some picture recognition and some uppercase vs lowercase pattern matching (we needed some extra work on that sheet!)


Some more cutting and gluing of pictures that start with the letter S

018 (4)

Word search and tracing

017 (2)

I found this cute idea here and printed it off for some more pattern and shape recognition


We worked on the opposites of up and down. This was fun since last week we travelled with Adam to San Diego and she flew a kite at the beach for the first time!


We worked on the #9



Go-together matching sheets


And this cute snake craft which she wanted to make purple and pink (notice her waterbottle next to it!).


R is for Rabbit

ABC Theme Week 19: R is for Rabbit

Circle Time: I did go ahead and get ourselves a copy of The Children’s Illustrated Bible for our newest bible read aloud book. I am so pleased by it. I find it is a little advanced for Amelia but I like that. All I do is read the story as is and then re-narrate it in words that would help her understand better but I do find that as she’s looking at the pictures which are very realistic and listening to me read that she’s asking a TON of questions and really trying to understand the story. This was different from The Storybook Bible where I felt like she couldn’t follow along with the language and was always looking around at other things. I think she likes the realistic pictures. There are a lot more stories in this bible too which I am thankful for so we can increase her knowledge of the Bible and on the sides of the bible stories are some real pictures of artifacts and buildings and what nots from that time and place. Very cool! So far we have read about creation, the garden of eden, cain and abel, noah’s ark, the flood, the tower of babel and abram, sarai and hagar. The verse for the letter R this week:

“Remember the Sabbath day,

to keep it holy.”

Matthew 20:8

We did our uppercase vs lowercase and letter recognition

004 (17)

Some words that start with the letter R that she cut and glued on as well as uppercase vs lowercase

016 (7)

Letter tracing and matching the letter R to pictures that start with R

011 (13)

I really enjoy doing these word searches with her (so far all we do is have her find all the letter R’s) it has sparked her a desire to search for the letter of the week in everything we read which is neat! I think we will soon start doing the actual word search instead of just the letter.

015 (9)

Some more tracing

005 (19)

Some go-together matching pictures and continuing learning first, next and last picture sorting

013 (9)

Some beginning sounds sheets to match the picture with the letter it starts with

014 (8)

Working on patterns…

007 (18)

 … we got out our Melissa & Doug shape puzzles to make some patterns. She was having a hard time visualizing what comes next out of nowhere and this activity really helped her when she had some options to choose from. She enjoyed making a long line of patterns

001 (18)

And look who has joined the table during learning time!!! I am struggling to keep him SAFELY entertained sitting in a big person chair and not throwing toys all over the place. He’s still a little too small to really do anything that we do so for now it’s just playing with toys on the table which works for a short time. There’s a lot more fidgeting going on but I guess that’s what happens when you keep adding kiddos to the learning table! I will be thankful when my belly is gone (and another baby added!) and we get back in our own home (hopefully soon!) and can go back to our kid sized table so I don’t have to monitor this little guy quite so much! But he loves being at the table with us and he’s so cute watching Amelia do her paperwork!

002 (16)

We worked on the opposites of happy and sad

006 (18)

We worked on the #8

012 (11)

And we made this fun rabbit windsock craft we found here!

012 (12)