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St. Patrick’s Day and Spring for Preschool

Bible Time:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted

and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Psalm 34:18

  • We continued learning about the virtue of Gentleness using the bible reading suggestions from Kids of Integrity. With our churches membership to Right Now Media we were able to watch Character Builders episode on Gentleness and Theo’s episode on the Fruit of the Spirit
  • We worked on our calendar notebook from Homeschool Creations

St. Patrick’s Day:

Here is the cover of our St Patrick’s Day/Spring folder


We did this cute riddle mini book from DLTK’s website


I found some great ideas on the internet for how to teach about Jesus with St. Patrick’s Day. First of all the only thing I’ve ever associated St. Patrick’s Day with is to wear green so you don’t get pinched and something about the luck of the Irish. Well… turns out the true history of St. Patrick’s Day is about St. Patrick who was the first person to bring Christianity into Ireland. Of course! Our society tries to remove any thought about Jesus from EVERY holiday out there… well, I’m bring Jesus back! So I want our kiddos to know the true meaning behind these holidays and how they all point to Jesus. I thought this Shamrock and Rainbow coloring page was perfect. It teaches the shamrock as representative of the trinity which is what St. Patrick taught the Irish. And out of the Shamrock (the trinity) flow the fruit of the spirit represented by the different colors of the rainbow.


We did a lot of learning printables from Gift of Curiosity‘s printable pack








And a couple more printables from DLTK’s website


We looked in our atlas book about Ireland and put a shamrock on our big wall map where Ireland is and colored in this flag


We made this St. Patrick’s Day green cake as a spin off of this cake idea here! We just went with what we had on hand : )

2014-03-17 16.20.18

We also cooked a little Shepherd’s Pie and it was DELICIOUS! We had Corned Beef and Cabbage at my inlaws for a St. Patty’s Day party and the next night we cooked Shepherd’s Pie at home. I have never eaten this before but it was so good!

Read Alouds:

  • Tim O’Toole and the Wee Talk by Gerald McDermot
  • Little Bear Marches in St. Patrick’s Day Parade by Mariana Janice
  • Patrick Patron St of Ireland by Tomie DePaola
  • Fiona’s Luck by Teresa Bateman



 We got our printables from 3Dinosaurs





This was a great activity that we didn’t finish but enjoyed the section we worked on. You look at the following page and count the number of objects in that box then write in the number and the word for how many of that object you counted.



We made some handprint lilies from DLTK’s website


Read Alouds:

  • Olivia Saves the Circus by Ian Falconer
  • Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming
  • The Listening Walk by Paul Showers
  • Mud Flat April Fool and Mud Flat Spring by James Stevenson
  • Emeline at the Circus by Marjorie Priceman
  • Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie DePaola
  • My Spring Robin by Anne Rockwell
  • Paddington Bear in the Garden by Michael Bond
  • Enzo’s Splendid Garden by Patricia Polacco
  • Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na

Valentine’s Day and President’s Day for Preschool




We had fun learning about President’s Day and Valentine’s Day really for the first time with the kiddos. I had found so many great activities and printables online and unfortunately because of this whole back to work thing we weren’t able to complete all of the things I wanted to get done. I had 2 busy weeks at work where I needed to take some extra classes and study hard for the tests. : ( Big fat frowny face followed by a trust in the Lord that He will change our financial situation soon! And I digress…

Valentine’s Day:


Here is the cover of our “lapbook”. We combined the 2 into one lapbook


We did some Valentine’s Day printables from 3 Dinosaurs and Gift of Curiosity. The 2 heart cards that talk about God’s love on the front of our lapbook are from Not Consumed and we cut these out and put them on the wall in our school room to look at every day. We also did Valentine’s Day Read!Build!Write! cards.



Shape Tracing


Word matching


Sorting words that start with H and C


Word search


These were 2 cute activities… the bottom ones are rhyming candy hearts from 2 Teaching Mommies and the top section is an envelope with bible verses about God’s love inside that Amelia colored… this is from Bible Story Printables


Read Alongs:

Presiden’ts Day:

This was 1 of 2 activities we completed although we read and re-read quite a lot of really neat books about President’s Day. This activity was cute where we learned where Lincoln and Washington were born and died. We took our laminated pictures of the president’s and taped Lincoln and Washington onto our map where they were born so Amelia could start some map recognition. The cover of our lapbook and this activity as well as the other activities I wanted to complete but did not came from Homeschool Share.


 And I didn’t get a picture of it but we did such a cute Mt. Rushmore craft from this website!

Read Alongs:


A Christ Centered Christmas for Preschool






We had a lot of fun this Christmas starting some new traditions for our family that centered among celebrating the birth of Christ. Some of our new traditions were:

  • An Advent Candle Wreath
  • A Birthday Card for Jesus
  • The Jesse Tree

I had so many other ideas but with all the travelling we did around Christmastime, these 3 were the best I could begin incorporating this year. Here’s a longer description of the 3 new traditions:

  • Advent Wreath: I bought this nifty little book called The Adventure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday Traditions by Lisa Whelchel. I really appreciated this book as she went through a bunch of Christmas traditions and holidays and gave a little history about them from a Christian perspective. For example, she talked about why we put up a Christmas tree and how the Evergreen tree represents the eternal being of Christ and the limbs point upward to heaven where Christ lives, etc. I love how I didn’t have to change a lot about Christmas but was able to teach the kids about Christ in the decorations and traditions we already had. She talked about the Advent Wreath here and this is where I decided this was one tradition I wanted to include. We had to get a little creative since we were going to be somewhere different almost every Sunday through the Advent season so we made our own out of toilet paper and construction paper… flame free : ) I used these two websites to create our own Advent wreath and it turned out so cute! I also added on to each week the little description from the book of what each candle represented for my short term memory brain : )



  • Birthday Card for Jesus – This was an idea I came up with on my own. I had heard about making a birthday cake and singing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas day and thought I wanted to do something similar but we always have so many desserts for Christmas dinner I didn’t want to make another one that wouldn’t get eaten. I also wanted this to be the first thing we did in the morning (singing happy birthday) to set the tone of the day instead of rushing downstairs to set the tone of greediness through opening presents and not even acknowledging why we were celebrating that day. So my combination was a Christmas Tree Bread birthday cake : ) Adam’s mom has made Christmas Tree Bread for years and years and it is their breakfast tradition so this year we just added candles to it and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Afterwards and before we ate the bread we wrote on a Christmas card what present we wanted to give Jesus for this year. We centered around the bible verse: “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord?Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice.” 1 Sanuel 15:22. So the present we each said we were going to give Jesus this year was something of obedience. It was so neat to see what Amelia said and to get written down what Adam and I were committing to for this next year.
  • The Jesse Tree –  This was the next new tradition and we had a lot of fun with this one. I saw this one through the Confessions of a Homeschooler website and thought it was a great way to focus on the Advent story each day. I would have loved to put the ornaments on a tree but again all of our travelling posed a problem for that so I had to get creative. We followed the notebook style for collecting papers that we have used with our BFIAR plans. So I put 2 blank papers inside with the outline of a tree and then tucked the ornament sheets inside the folder. Each day we read the scripture, colored the ornament and glued it onto our tree in the folder. It worked great and we had a lot of fun!


The reading plan and the ornament to correspond with it


The ornaments glued onto our “tree”


I also had printed off all these sheets that are a similar idea to the Jesse Tree but they focus on Mary and Jesus’ young life instead of Jesus’ lineage like the Jesse Tree. Amelia only colored this page : ) We spent so much time on our other activities this just did not get done… maybe next year : )


And here are pictures of all our various other Christmas learning time activities. Amelia had fun putting together this cute nativity set.


We made it a “to go” nativity scene again because of the travelling and I cut up an old box, taped the background to it and then they could play around with the pieces and we could fold up the box to go when we travelled to our next location : )






I made a schedule of the month of the projects and things we needed to get done each day and put it in our notebook


We did 2 official school weeks and completed various other printables and read other books and here are the lesson plans for those 2 weeks. All of the printables came from Confessions of a Homeschooler and 3 Dinosaurs and the word search came from the DLTK website.














Preschool Thanksgiving

We had a fun time doing some Thanksgiving themed learning activities and papers this year. Our Thanksgiving was all over the place since we traveled to Portland to spend the holiday with my family. We did some more concrete things at home before we left and then kind of did little bits and pieces on our “vacation”. We mainly did a bunch of worksheets that were Thanksgiving themed and did a couple of crafts. We had a funny experience with our read alouds as the list I compiled from various places on the internet all had a “save the turkey” theme : ) I wonder what Amelia thought when our turkey was not saved but indeed eaten for our dinner!

Here is the front of our Thanksgiving folder. I continued with the paper storage system of the small folder with the 3 prongs inside like we had been doing for our BFIAR units


This is what you see when you open it up. Our Read!Build!Write! cards in an envelope and my lesson plans for the week


This was the first thing we did. I had her think of things she wanted to thank God for and I wrote them in here for her. This sheet is from ChristianPreschoolPrintables.com


A bible verse copywork page from littleblots.com to help her see what the people on the Mayflower experienced.


Some line tracings from homeschoolcreations.com


The following are all from 3Dinsoarus.com: Label the Turkey and the Pilgrim… we used our turkey books from the library as “reference” : )


Amelia loves these Count and Graphs where you make a dice out of the paper printout and roll it and mark when you get whichever picture and count at the end who had the most and the least


Some addition and subtraction sheets


Some cut and paste pattern sheets from confessionsofahomeschooler.com
DSC00545This cute little cut, glue, color and trace turkey


She did such a good job cutting out these pictures! And our mini-books from DLTK’s website



We did this cute craft from DLTK’s website as well… they didn’t last long but they sure looked cute for the 1 afternoon they wore it! We also made adorable paper bag pilgrims but they got busted and thrown away before I could take a picture : )

2013-11-19 11.25.51

There was so much more I wanted to do that I found online but we just didn’t have enough time and resources with all of our travelling. So I can be thankful for what we gained instead of sad for what we missed… which is being thankful for all the time we spent with our family!

Read Alouds:

  • Milly and the Macy’s Day Parade by Shana Corey
  • 1,2,3, Thanksgiving! by Lisa Nikola
  • Gracias, the Thanksgiving Day Turkey by Joy Cowley
  • Thanksgiving at the Tappletons by Eileen Spinelli
  • The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern
  • Clifford’s Thanksgiving by Normal Bridwell
  • Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
  • Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys by Patrick Merrick



Easter Week Learning Activities

Here are some pictures from our Easter week where we started some new Easter traditions to keep Jesus in Easter. We had a great time! I missed a few very important pictures… of Amelia in her Easter dress and hat!!! But for the most part I got the gist of everything here : ) For a full description of all the readings we did and the different pieces to our easter baskets we added see my post here.

Palm Sunday:

Here are the palm branches the kiddos made with their handprints : ) And the beginning of their Easter baskets where we added something every day to it from our activities. We learned that palm leaves were a symbol of grace and victory. We also learned that royalty would ride on a donkey during periods of peace, rather than a horse.



Here’s the mini-book Amelia colored about the Life of Jesus



We made the rice krispie egg treats. I don’t know that we’ll do this one again : ) It was really hard to shape them into easter eggs as they were so sticky so the recommendation was to put cooking oil on your hands which then I felt like I was wasting a LOT of cooking oil and that’s also not the healthiest alternative to our healthy rice krispie treats : ) But it was fun to color the marshmallows and of course to eat the treats!



We colored this easter bunny picture and learned about the real meaning of the easter bunny:

  • Big Ears = Jesus is always listening
  • Big Eyes = Jesus is always watching us
  • Quiet Voice = Jesus always says good things to us
  • Big Heart = Jesus has a lot of love for us
  • Quick Feet = Jesus wants us to be quick to tell others how much He loves them


We did some learning time activities we printed from the easter printable pack from this blog here:

Some letter recognition and matching words to their pictures 012

A shape trail game 013

Counting and tracing the numbers 014

Making patterns 015

Counting and matching cards as well as shape matching cards 016


We colored easter eggs to tell the story of the resurrection. This is a great new tradition I’m going to keep as who doesn’t love to color easter eggs and telling the story is a great learning activity!


Joshie sort of was in on it : ) Next year he can help but this year I just had him watch his big sister!


And here are the eggs : )

  • Green = palm branches
  • Orange = money to Judas
  • Purple = wine and bread (communion)
  • Blue = our sins
  • Red = Christ’s blood
  • Brown = the cross
  • Yellow = resurrection and heaven



We took the jelly bean prayer and read it over and over again and I decided to just glue on the jelly beans that matched the poem and now we have it on our fridge : )

001 (2)


We took a walk and picked up some rocks and wrote different sins on them that we each struggle with (age appropriate). We talked about how they crush all the good things when we added them on top of the other things in our easter baskets and I told her there would be a big surprise on easter morning!

002 (2)


We made some resurrection rolls which were a total hit! This is another tradition we will keep in the family for years to come : )


Again maybe next year Joshie can help… he sure helped eat them after they were done!


And we made Meema Devi’s famous Christmas tree bread for a special Sunday Easter breakfast… we just modified to make it into the shape of a cross and one into the shape of an easter egg to symbolize the new life the cross brings for us. We colored the frosting and used fun colored sprinkles instead of the Christmas red and green. We did it all for daddy since he would be there for us on Easter morning!


Joshie helped make sure the rolling pin worked and the spray can kept it’s lid on!


We made this cute craft of a tomb with a rock covering the front an when you move it there’s an angel inside



Easter Sunday:

Easter morning! We covered the easter baskets with a red cloth the night before to cover up our sin rocks and after they went to bed I took out the rocks and put them in a separate bag. On Easter morning I explained that Jesus took our sins and put them in His own basket and replaced ours with new life : ) In their easter baskets we put some new coloring books, reading books and a new worship cd that all teach about Jesus. We were also thankful that our family sent from far and wide some great fun toys/gifts to add to the kiddos baskets. Amelia is so cute because she’ll ask for the book or the toy that she got underneath Jesus’ blood : )


We did an Easter egg hunt and I filled some of the eggs with names of people to be praying for. We were very crunched for time for this egg hunt as daddy had to leave again : ( so we didn’t take time to pray over the names but I am planning to convert them to popsicle sticks and make a prayer jar for our dinner table

IMGA0010 (2)

IMGA0009 (3)

Joshie getting his share of eggs (and another resurrection roll in the other hand!)

IMGA0008 (3)

IMGA0006 (3)

Keeping Jesus in Easter – New Traditions


photo credit

This year for Easter as Amelia is now old enough to begin understanding traditions and the meanings behind them, I have wanted to start some new Easter traditions to keep the focus and understanding on Jesus and His Resurrection… after all that is why we celebrate Easter. I want her to really remember Easter for that. I have decided to take the whole week and focus a portion of each day beginning tomorrow on the Easter story and all that happened starting on Palm Sunday and leading to Easter Sunday. I used the bulk of my ideas (mainly being the different readings, activities and easter basket ideas) from the blog Our Family for His Glory and their quest to keep Jesus in Easter. So here are my plans for the week and I will post after the week with pictures and how it went!

I also need to preface with one of the main activities is an Easter basket link. Each day you add something to the Easter basket to symbolize what you learned that day about the Easter story. That will be the last bullet for each day.

Palm Sunday:

  • read Mark 11:1-11 and Matthew 21:1-11
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus riding on a donkey entering Jerusalem
  • make palm branches by cutting out hands on green paper and tape to a stick
  • teach the meaning of Hosanna (Hooray for Salvation!)
  • add grass to easter basket


  • read Mark 14:1-10 and John 12:1-11
  • read from children’s bible about the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet
  • color and assemble “Easter Story Mini-book
  • add coins to gold/yellow egg to represent us surrendering all we have to God and add to basket


  • read John 13:1-17
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet
  • walk in dirt and wash each others’ feet
  • make rice krispie egg treats for a fun snack
  • add small piece of soap to blue egg to remind us to serve others and add to basket


  • read Matthew 26:17-30 and Mark 14:12-26
  • read from children’s bible about the last supper and communion
  • have communion together
  • color easter eggs to tell the Easter story
  • add bread crumb to purple egg to remind us of Jesus dying for us and add to basket


  • read Mark 14:32-42 and Luke 22:39-53
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus’ last night in the garden
  • make jelly bean jar prayer
  • add same jelly beans to eggs and add to basket


  • read Matthew 26:47-27:55
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus’ crucifixion
  • collect rocks and write different sins on them with a sharpie
  • add rocks to basket and note they are curshing all the good things


  • read Matthew 27:57-66 and Mark 15:33-47
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus being buried in the tomb
  • do paper plate empty tomb craft
  • make resurrection rolls
  • cover basket with red cloth – tonight after the kids go to bed move the rocks with the sins on them into a new basket with Jesus’ name on it, place some new goodies and items to help remind them of Jesus and to grow in the Lord and cover the basket with the red cloth again

Easter Sunday:

  • read Matthew 28:1-15 and Luke 24:1-12
  • read from children’s bible about the empty tomb and Jesus’ resurrection
  • have an easter egg hunt with names inside the eggs of people to pray for
  • have kids remove red cloth and be surprised by their “new things” representing their new life because of Jesus’s resurrection, point out the sin rocks that Jesus upon Himself

Here’s to new traditions and keeping Jesus in Easter!!