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DIY Bible Cover

About 8 years ago Adam and I went to a local church who was hosting Hank Hanegraaff for the night. We LOVE Hank so we didn’t want to miss this opportunity. While there he was selling his Legacy Study Bible so we decided to pick one up. He also signed it for us! We later got it engraved on the front to say “The Jardon Family Bible”. It is in the NKJV. I absolutely love this bible and have been reading out of it for about 5 years now. We left the original package box as the cover because the bible is so nice I didn’t want it laying around uncovered but that original box is pretty beat up after 5 years of use. I began looking to buy a cover but didn’t like all the generic looking ones and this bible is so big I didn’t necessarily want pockets and whatnots. I don’t know what I came across on Pinterest but it gave me the idea to look up a tutorial to make my own cover! This was my second sewing project (the first one being DIY throw pillow covers which I will post about later). I am pretty excited about how it turned out! There are quite a few imperfections being my second project and I think because I used quilting material it made it a little tricky to measure my seam allowances and ensure my sewing was hiding the edges of the material so the quilting inside wouldn’t seep out. I also forgot to sew on the strap I wanted until the very end which made it near impossible to sew via the sewing machine so I had to hand sew that part… lesson learned there!

Here it is! I loved this material so much! I wasn’t planning to use quilting fabric but I have a newfound obsession with Vera Bradley and loved how this fit the theme for her bags. I also loved that it was double sided so the part I used for the strap was just the other side of the material. That means I didn’t have to buy any extra fabric. And this was 40% off so I bought 1/2 yard for $7 at JoAnns!!


Here is what the flap looks like on the inside. A lot of tutorials had you pick out a different fabric and sew it to the outside fabric. I’m not sure why because it seemed to make more sense to just sew it as one piece with the flap folded over. I mainly followed this tutorial here.

0188b19b62710b7931883cd200ed14f02abaec5c2dI love the strap : )

I also loved the idea of sewing on a button and then a snap closure. It looks so clean and crisp and will protect this bible for years!


It looks great with my new Vera Bradley bible study tote! I loved Merle Norman at the mall because of their 50% off retired prints section!!!